Euphoria Cafe has a variety of beverages for you liking whether you want to cozy up to something hot or cool off with something cold. All our drinks are made to order and hand-crafted with love. 


Our coffee beans are locally roasted in Calgary by our friends Rosso Coffee Roasters. Only the best high quality coffees are sourced from around the world. Rosso beliefs are beyond fair trade. They go to coffee farms and create a relationship with farmers and the community ensuring they have access to support, education, and good quality of life. Rosso will pay the farmers a premium for their coffee beans.


Using Rosso beans, our coffee menu features staple drinks such as a cappuccino to signature creations such as our Spanish latte. You will also want to try our nitro cold brew coffee!


We are the first to introduce the organic butter, nutrient fueled keto friendly Bulletproof Coffee to Calgary that promotes long lasting energy and a clear state of mind. We make the original Bulletproof Coffee and sell the merchandise attracting many athletes, cross fitters and more! Try our signature variations such as the Unstoppable Coffee and Stu Mocha created by our friend: Olympic coach and trainer Stuart McMillan. 


Coffee is not your thing, not to worry, we have other premium alternatives such as tea based drinks from a Chai latte to a Matcha latte, a cold Kombucha, or a simple cup of tea. We source all our high quality premium teas from local producers. 

Other than teas, we also make the nutrient dense Golden Latte featuring turmeric along with our delicious hot chocolate made from real melted chocolate to order. Did you know that the Food Network rated our hot chocolate in the top 10 best hot chocolate in Canada!


On the run, or simply want to cool off? Have one of our nutritious 100% pure crushed fruit smoothies - no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. We have a tasty selection and you can power them up with protein, or greens!