We have a great modern food menu that appeals to everyone from French pastries to grilled panini, to bagels, bowls and more. We also have dairy free, gluten free, paleo, keto, and vegan options!

Stop by for breakfast, or lunch! Our bistro menu is available all day!


You are absolutely going to love our selection of pastries and treats! We have traditional favourites that we freshly bake in house such as our popular chocolate chip banana bread, muffins, and cookies.

If you want to feel like you are in Paris, you are going to love our almond croissant, Paris brest, eclairs and cruffins locally baked fresh everyday. 

Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo or keto? Yes we have treats for you that we bake in house such as our very popular power balls to gluten free muffins to paleo grain free banana bread and keto fat bombs and more.


Our breads are all locally sourced, baked fresh everyday by Good Bread. We have a selection of bagels and toast you are going to love: our famous Rise & Shine Breakfast Bagel and Avocado Smash Toast just to name a few.


Who doesn't love a good waffle? Our batter is made in-house using the old-fashioned Brussels method. Choose your waffle such as our Cherry Berry Avalanche featuring a cherry reduction, fresh berries and dark chocolate!


Our hearty panini on ciabatta and wraps are freshly made and grilled to order. Stop by for breakfast or lunch- available all day! Start off your day with our Champion's Brekkie Wrap, or how about our Roast Beef Ranch Melt for lunch. We have a vegan options too such as our California. Wheat not your friend? All our fillings can be made on a gluten free wrap!


Don't want the bread? How about a refreshing bowl. All our bowls are gluten and dairy free with some vegan options too! The stunning Munga Smoothie Bowl is a must!