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Rosso: Hti Ta Maung Myanmar

Rosso: Hti Ta Maung Myanmar

juniper  /  grape  /  toffee

Sweetness ●●●●○     Acidity ●●○○○     Body ●●●●○

Hti Ta Maung has a distinct flavor profile that can provide a comforting and unique experience. The juniper note in this coffee offers a refreshing fruity and piney flavour, while the fresh grape quality balances the sweetness of the cup. The creamy body of the coffee adds a toffee-like finish which provides a rich and satisfying taste. Overall, Hti Ta Maung coffee may offer an enjoyable and complex drinking experience for those seeking a unique flavor profile.

Varietal Red Catuai
Process Natural
Farm Small Holder Farmers
Producer Village of Hti Ta Maung, Behind the Leaf
Geography Pinlaung, Shan State, Myanmar
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