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Rosso: Saket Sunrise / Thailand

Rosso: Saket Sunrise / Thailand

Saket Sunrise / Thailand

black cherry /  orange /  nougat

Sweetness ●●●○○     Acidity ●●●○○     Body ●●●○○

Introducing Saket Sunrise, our exquisite seasonal single-origin coffee from Thailand, bringing a delightful combination of black cherry, orange, and nougat to your cup. This medium-bodied coffee offers a smooth and well-rounded flavor profile, with gentle, lactic acidity creating a balanced and inviting brew. Each sip unveils the fruity notes of black cherry and citrus, complemented by the underlying sweetness of nougat, making it a perfect companion for your morning ritual or afternoon break.

As part of our seasonal single-origin lineup, Saket Sunrise is here for a limited time, offering coffee enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore the rich and diverse coffee landscape of Thailand. This coffee is a celebration of the season, embodying the vibrant and dynamic character of its origin. Don’t miss out on experiencing the captivating flavors of Thailand with Saket Sunrise, a coffee that’s as enchanting as the dawn it's named after.

Varietal Yellow Bourbon
Process Natural
Farm Doi Saket
Producer Nui Intakad, Aoy Jaisooksern & Beanspire
Geography Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Rosso Direct Trade
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